Our Privacy Pledge

The overarching idea behind our privacy policy is simple. We want to do what is right. The underlying values can be resumed through the following commitments:

We provide a service which may include storing content. That content always will remain yours and we do not lay any claim to it.

  • None of the information provided through the use of Studyo is public. Students and teachers may opt to share with specific others such as parents if they so choose.
  • We will never advertise to students, track them or profile them or sell any of their data or behaviours to third parties.
  • We implement the best industry practices to verify our systems and ensure user security.
  • We aim to be transparent on all our practices and will notify users explicitly of any changes to our policies.
  • We are COPPA and FERPA compliant.
  • We have also taken the Student Privacy Pledge, because we believe protecting students is of key importance.

Read our Detailed Privacy Policy.